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How to Solve Silicon Straits Saigon Hiring Challenge

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Hello folks

For whom who might have not heard of Silicon Straits Saigon (SSS), this company is one cool company in Vietnam with strong focus in tech such as iOS and Web. When I use the word cool, I did not mean it before I touch base with their hiring challenge.

SSS is known to have a quite unique way to challenge potential employees. They give you a very cryptic page and asks you to hack them.

Well, today I am going to show you how to solve this problem step by step. I hope Mr. An (Director of SSS) won’t hate me for this.

Spoiler alert! Go give the challange a go yourself before reading!

How to Write Custom Serializer for ActiveRecord#serialize

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Rails comes with a powerful and convenient serialize method that would do the serialization/deserializtion for a specify column of an ActiveRecord model. In today tutorial, I’ll walk you through on how to write a custom serializer that would encrypt/decrypt your serialized value for extra security.

Liquid Template in Ruby Done Right

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Liquid Templating Engine is an awesome technology and with the power of gem ‘liquid’, everybody can start using without much hassles. I saw many projects used this gem but sadly most of them are quite bad. In this tutorial, I’ll go through a bad example and show you how to refactor it.

Genereate Gems Dependency Graph With Bundler

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One of the features I like about RubyMine is the gems dependency graph. This graps shows you all explicit/implicit dependencies of gems defined in your Gemfile. In this short tutorial, I’ll show how to generate this graph with Bundler.