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How to Do jQuery UI Autocomplete With Capybara 2

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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to do jQuery UI Autocomplete the better way with Capybara 2! That is getting rid of sleep that many solutions on the Internet suggested. Furthermore this solution works both with selenium and polstergeist driver.

Learn to Know Myself Better

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Unlike some of my friends, I occassionally write or blog. Because I don’t know how to express myself in verbal or writting form. In fact I suck at both. It is not because I hate them, on the contrary I love communication and always get fascinated by charismatic speeches. I have been always avoiding confronting this very own problem of mine. Gradually I refrain to question the problem at all.

Minitest Let() Is Lazy

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Don’t you know that minitest also have a similar let() helper that does exactly the same job as the one of RSpec. But some people do not fully understand the difference between defining object in let() and before() block.

How to Block Old IE Version With Rails

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There are many ways to detect browser agent, it could be front-end side with Javascript or backend. In this short tutorial, I’ll walk you through on how to detect browser version with Ruby On Rails

This applies for Rails > 2.x