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Genereate Gems Dependency Graph With Bundler

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One of the features I like about RubyMine is the gems dependency graph. This graps shows you all explicit/implicit dependencies of gems defined in your Gemfile. In this short tutorial, I’ll show how to generate this graph with Bundler.

You’ll need graphviz installed first. On my Mac, I install it with Homebrew:

brew install graphviz

You could find packages for your flavor on the Internet if you are on Linux.

In order to generate graph, you need to change directory to the app folder where the Gemfile file resides then use command:

bundle viz
# Resolving dependencies...
# /app_path/gem_graph.png

If there is no errors, you should see the image file path in the output.

Open it up and you’ll see something like this for a stock Rails 4 app:

That’s it for today folks! Keep on learning!