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How to Update Attributes With Validations and Callbacks Skipped

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In this short tutorial, I’ll show you how to update attributes for ActiveRecord model with:

  • Validations are skipped.
  • Callbacks are skipped.
  • updated_at/updated_on are not updated.

Solutions for both Rails 3 and 4 are provided.

Rails 4

Rails 4 comes with method update_columns which takes in a hash parameter.

Here is one example how to use it:

user.update_columns(last_request_at: Time.current, name: 'Trung Le')

At the background, one SQL UPDATE is run and will update both two attributes.

Rails 3

Rails 3 does not have update_columns method, however there is update_column method, so we could loop through the parameters like below:

{ last_request_at: Time.current, name: 'Trung Le' }.each do |k, v|
  user.update_column(k, v)

However this solution sucks because there are 2 SQL UPDATE queries involved!

There is a work-around by using update_all

User.where(id: Time.current, name: 'Trung Le')

Which only generate only 1 SQL UPDATE query.